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  • Daily Web Page Review
  • E-mail notification  of web page changes
  • Web Page Screen Capture and Archival
  • Page address change notification
  • Sub-Page review
  • Dead Link Identification
Remember The Big Picture
Catch that Web Page change before FINRA does.

TCD Web Monitoring Service    

Another valuable service that TCD offers is the monitoring of your registered reps web sites. How much time does it take you to monitor every reps web site, every sub page, and every link every day.  After all, this is what you’re supposed to be doing.

 Advertising review is not just about reviewing the web page changes that registered reps have submitted to compliance, it’s also about reviewing the webpage changes that reps did not submit to compliance.

 The Compliance Departments monitors the web pages of your Branch Offices, Registered Reps and even your Home; Tracks Changes to Web Pages and Archives Web Pages for Advertising Review and documentation.

 TCD’s Web Monitor Service allows you to know the moment one of your Web Pages is updated!

 If you have particular websites that you want to keep an eye on, we can even review it several times a day if needed.

 Rather than spending precious time each day checking on your websites, or even worse forgetting to do so.  Let The Compliance Department do the whole thing for you. When changes are detected, we will email a copy of the text that has changed along with a snapshot of the page after the changes were made with the changes highlighted.

 In addition we identify dead links within the web pages and we let you know when a web page or its sub-pages go dead as well. A "404 Not Found error" reflects on you. Even if it was generated on the web page of an Independent Rep.

 TCD’s Web Monitoring Service can be subscribed to by itself or in conjunction with TCD’s Advertising Review Service.

 Time is money! So let The Compliance Department save you hours each week. Let us be the first to let you know about changes in the field web pages for Advertising Review, Not FINRA.